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Fort Ashby, WV Ben Stinchfield, Hilltop Log & Timber Home
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  • Quality Assurance

    This home’s special order 7x9 “D” logs with dovetail corner system are dry stacked prior to shipment for quality and fit assurance. Varied log lengths are used for this test.

  • Site Preparation

    Site preparation begins in West Virginia while back at Hilltop’s manufacturing facility in Maine, the client’s home is pre-cut.

  • Superior Walls Set

    Superior Walls are set prior to the first floor. Following the outline for this foundation, the home is noticeably sizeable and unique in shape.

  • Concrete Slab Work

    Prior to building the subfloor, the contractor pours the concrete slab in the basement.

  • Basement Preparation

    Load bearing walls are framed in the basement.

  • Floor Joists

    The engineered floor joists are set atop the pressure treated sill plate attached to the foundation. An inviting view awaits this new home owner.

  • Mountain Oasis

    This mountain home is taking shape, gracing its mountainside setting.

  • Dovetail Corner & Triple Seal

    This photo shows the home’s dovetail corner installed onsite. Look closely at the bottom of each log. Using Hilltop’s exclusive Triple Seal System, the home’s construction is sound and fully protected from the elements.

  • Octagonal Dining Room

    This custom octagonal dining room captures the views while adding unique character to this beautiful home.

  • 2nd Floor Construction

    Notice that the gable ends of this home are constructed in full log, while a conventional wall is set in place to create a dormer. The dormers will be log sided, a lighter weight option, which appears exactly as if it were full log. The garage in the foreground is also conventional construction and will be log sided. Using a mix of log and conventional construction techniques also saves money in cases when insulation and finishing materials are not needed for your project. This is often the scenario with garage construction.

  • Douglas Fir Beam

    A Douglas Fir ridge beam is set in place to begin framing for the roof system.

  • Angled Roof Frame

    The sharp angles of this home’s roof design are apparent here with just the framing alone in place.

  • Roof Sheathing

    Roof sheathing is in place in preparation for asphalt shingles.

  • Gazebo Roof Preparation

    The dining room for this home will certainly be a highlighted feature! While enjoying a delicious meal and fantastic views, this room will promote lively conversation with its very attractive, peaked roof. Click here to view a rendering from inside this beautiful room.

  • Covered Entry

    Even this small covered entry shows attention to the smallest detail, with exposed rafters in view under tongue and groove pine, accented by a Douglas Fir truss.

  • Ensuring the Views!

    The prow front on the great room, large deck and balconies above all provide opportunity to enjoy this home’s spectacular mountain view.

  • Dressy Dormer

    Character abounds throughout this home. Within the shown dormer alone, observe exposed Douglas Fir timbers. Hilltop’s heavy timber roof system is an upgrade option that creates this look.

  • Hidden Workings

    Many clients ask us how electrical, plumbing and heat are worked into a log home plan. The answer is that all these items are planned in advance, right down the location of each outlet. Log homes can encompass any technology or system just as a stick-built home. For example, for electrical wires, holes are drilled into the logs prior to construction to accept the necessary wiring. The gas fireplace planned for this home has its flue in place, ready to be concealed.

  • Decorative Accents

    This home’s owner chose a uniform pattern of iron balusters to line both interior and exterior railings.

  • Unique Choices

    Carriage house doors were chosen to enclose the garage, adding a unique look to the home’s exterior. Electrical boxes are in place next to the doors in preparation for outdoor lighting.

  • Custom Corner

    Dovetail corners, such as this, are more commonly used with a Flat/Flat log profile. For this home, the client requested a 7x9 ‘D’ log with dovetail corners. Standard packages include the more common 6x8 log with Butt & Pass corners. Hilltop’s flexibility allows for near any look our clients would like to achieve.

  • Prow Wow

    Decorative half round timbers adorn oversized windows on this impressive prow front. The prow corners were finished in a post corner. Electrical boxes are in place in preparation for deck lighting. You can just imagine relaxing on this beautiful deck, taking in the panoramic mountain views.

  • A Perfect Hilltop Setting

    This setting is a perfect fit for a Hilltop home!

  • Quality Windows are Imperative

    Glass equates to heat loss, but with the advanced technology available in Hilltop’s Andersen 400 series windows, homeowners can revel in the spectacular view while keeping warm!